Timber decking design minimalist

Timber decking perfectly matches the beauty of nature and can compliment your existing garden landscape. The unique and rustic aesthetics of the wood make it a popular choice for home and business owners in Leeds, Yorkshire and nearby areas who want to build a long-lasting decking in their very own garden and outdoor space.

Timber offers two different options for decking board – the softwood and the hardwood. At Leeds Decking Co, we utilise both materials for decking installations. Whether you opt for softwood or hardwood, our team will be more than happy to help you come up with the most appropriate decking design for the material you choose, the area where you want it installed, and of course, your budget.

Before you make the final pick, find out more about these two amazing timber decking materials:


  • Comes from fast-growing and easy to find trees; a very sustainable material;
  • The cheapest decking material – way cheaper than hardwood and composite decking boards;
  • More pliable and lighter than softwood making them very easy to install;
  • With water repellent properties, specifically the pre-treated varieties;
  • Some are compatible with slip-resistant inserts or Q-Grip Strips;
  • Inferior to hardwood when it comes to strength;
  • Available in different styles, colours, and textures – Cambridge, York, Winchester, and Canterbury style decking;
  • May require regular maintenance and treatment depending on quality.

Leeds Decking Co offers our clients who opt for softwood decking a 15-year warranty for damages that are caused by wood-boring insects, moulds, and fungus.



  • Extremely durable – it can withstand heavy traffic, temperature changes, and all outdoor elements;
  • Natural rustic look that gets even better with time – complements with the beauty of your garden and outdoor space;
  • Very unique – no two hardwood decking board is alike;
  • Available in different colours and styles – Garapa, Balau, and Ipe wood decking are the most popular ones;
  • A bit pricey – but surely lasts for a very long, long time;
  • Maintenance required to preserve its aesthetics;
  • Highly resistant to scratches and mark;
  • Does not easily warp, split, or rot.


Our professional team at Leeds Decking Co is ready to lend a hand whenever you decide to finally take that big leap to build your much-needed outdoor decking. Let us share ideas and create beautiful decking where you and your loved ones can spend quality time together without having to go far. Reach out to us today.

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